Kerwee Feedlot, Jondaryan, Qld

Steve Martin – Feedlot Manager 

I’ve have always had a passion for agriculture  cattle in particular, which I pursued though a rural science degree from University of New England.   

After graduating, I started at Elders’ Killara Feedlot at Quirindi, NSW, and I worked across most segments of the business, building a well-rounded understanding of how the feedlot sector works. The feedlot sector offers a lot of opportunity and chances of career progress, and in 2013 I was named the Young Lotfeeder of the Year. 

It’s a great industry for young people, being quick to adopt new technologies, having a progressive approach and continually refining business operations to lift performance. 

I joined Kerwee in 2015 and am general manager of an 20,200-head feedlot in Queensland’s Darling Downs.  

Kerwee is the oldest family-owned feedlot facilityin Australia. It produces quality Wagyu and Angus beef for consumption around the world.  

Animal welfare is of the utmost importance to our entire production system and it can greatly impact the quality of the meat on the plate.

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