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How often do Australian livestock get rest breaks during transport?

For most cattle and sheep classes, the maximum time period these livestock can travel (or be “off water”) without a rest break is 48 hours. Species and class of animal effect the maximum time stock can be off water and the amount of time they need to rest with food and water available (as shown in the table below). This length of time has been shown in scientific studies to have no adverse effect if animals are well hydrated before and after transport. 

Once 48 hours has been reached, livestock must be rested and have access to food and water for at least 36 hours.

Certain classes of animals, such as pregnant or young animals, or conditions such as hot dry weather, could mean animals need even more regular access to water.

The Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines – Land Transport specify the maximum period of time that each livestock species can be held off water during transport.



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