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Smart Farming virtual classroom

Virtual classrooms are a free, interactive resource that allow students to engage with cattle, sheep and goat farmers live on video stream. All sessions are curriculum-linked and students are able to see and hear what our farmers do while taking part in educational activities, quizzes and farmer Q&A.

Developed for primary school children the Smart Farming virtual classroom program is focussed across three themes - the sustainable farm, technology on the farm and beyond the farm. Classes are available for both lower and upper primary and beyond the farm is hosted specifically for upper primary students.

Students will learn firsthand about sustainable farming practices, the types of technology used on farm and how these have made red meat farming smarter today. The sessions include discussion about the industry, red meat nutrition and the many skillsets that are needed within Australian red meat and livestock industry.


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Be Your Greatest virtual classroom resource hub

Australian Beef hosted a series of curriculum linked virtual classrooms for primary school students, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear from their athlete heroes and feel inspired to stay active, eat well and learn how Australian Beef is an important part of a healthy meal and lifestyle.

The Be Your Greatest resource hub provides access to session recordings featuring Australian Olympian and Paralympian heroes cooking up their favourite beef meal with Chef Matt Sinclair, while talking about the importance of a healthy mind and body.

Watch previous sessions to learn about how athletes keep fit and healthy, along with tips for your own well-being. Each session features a beef-inspired cooking session inspiring you to try it out at home.


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