Climate neutral lamb    

What does climate neutral mean and how is it different from carbon neutral in the Australian red meat industry?

“Climate neutral” means no addition to global temperature rise. This is determined by measuring the balance of incoming and outgoing atmospheric radiation attributed to releases and removals of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from an entity .

Research has shown that the radiative forcing attributed to of Australia’s sheep meat sector has plateaued over the past 30 years and the industry reached a climate neutral point in 2020.

“Carbon neutral” means net zero GHG emissions on an annual basis. This is determined by measuring the balance of releases and removals of GHGs attributed to an entity.

This is described further in the Australian Red Meat Industry’s Carbon Neutral by 2030 Roadmap.

In Australia, some livestock production systems are carbon neutral and climate neutral.

Therefore, the "climate neutral’’ meaning more directly reflects an entity’s contribution to additional global temperature rise. Whereas the "carbon neutral’’ meaning reflects an entity’s contribution to release or removal of greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.