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What’s the industry doing about reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

The Australian red meat industry, in partnership with the Australian Government, has invested significantly to reduce emissions.

On-farm, achieving emissions reductions are dependent on improvements in feeding practices (better pastures, new types of food, more grains and others), improved ways of handling manure, and improved genetics and animal management, and storing carbon in the land are important production issues.

At feedlots research is focused on sustainable intensification; producing more livestock-based protein using high quality feed to improve productivity and reduce emissions. Feedlots are also investigating the potential of re-using methane as a renewable energy source, and recycling manure to reduce emissions and create a renewable fertiliser.

Processing plants generate wastewater that is rich in organic compounds which can be converted into methane that, can be captured and used to offset burning of fossil fuels at processing facilities. This is a win-win for the environment and industry.

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