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Sustainable Farming

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Dedicated to the climate solution min read

As owners of almost 1% of the Australian landscape, AACo takes their responsibility as custodians of the land very seriously.

So seriously, in fact, they have a dedicated role responsible for ensuring their properties are mitigating their impact on climate. Meet Naomi Wilson, Head of Environment and Sustainability for AACo, who is passionate about AACo being part of the climate solution. 

AACo is working to mitigate its impact on the environment - really tackling head-on the methane emission from our cattle, driving carbon sequestration and transitioning to renewable technologies. 


Animal welfare is vital

The culture at AACo prioritises the health and welfare of every animal in their care.

They're passionate about nurturing the wellbeing of their animals by providing the right environment, adequate nutrition and a sufficient supply of clean water. From the day they start at AACo, all staff are taught to manage the animals calmly and respectfully. 



Taking action on climate

Today is a day to make a difference.


With their commitment to taking real action in relation to their impact on climate, AACo are looking at the bigger carbon picture to build a much better understanding of how that carbon flows through the landscape. Armed with that knowledge they will target changes in management and developments to increase carbon sequestration...to balance their emissions and create a healthier environment.


Australian Land

As owners of almost 1% of the Australian landscape, AACo takes their responsibility as custodians of the land very seriously.


Renewable Energy

AACo have a goal to convert all diesel bores to renewable energy by 2024!

Nature is the foundation for everything

Together we're stronger, and that's how AACo views their relationship with the environment they live in. AACo is passionate about providing an environment where all things thrive. Nature is the foundation of everything AACo does as a business.

The Brunette Lake system, which makes up 20% of the property, supports millions of water birds and the growth of healthy pastures. As Executive General Manager of Pastoral Operations, Michael Johnson says

The environment we live with is incredibly important. It's the lifeblood of what we do.




Our goal is drive down emissions

A key priority for AACo is to drive down the methane emissions generated by their cattle.
How can they do this? By investigation the opportunities available to them that will help them achieve their emissions reduction goal. Opportunities such as investing in feed supplements that have the ability to decrease the amount of methane burped by a cow! Wow!!! 


Converting to renewable energy

Imagine all the things you could do to help the environment if you owned over 6.5 million hectares of Aussie land.
AACo doesn't have to imagine. They're getting stuck into the doing and have a plan to convert their diesel bores to renewable energy by 2024, which is just one thing they're doing to make a difference to the land they care for.



We can't make change alone

AACo believes that results will flow when you work as a team. They promote an all-inclusive culture with ongoing educational opportunities to deliver an engaged team that understands the business from the birth of a calf to where it ends up through the supply chain.