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Learn about Australian red meat production

The Australian red meat and livestock industry has developed a range of educational resources aligned to the national curriculum for use by primary and secondary school educators, and parents and students, covering a range of subject areas linked to red meat production.

Education and resources

The Australian Good Meat education site provides access to virtual classroom sessions, a range of teaching resources including lesson plans, posters and activities, digital lessons featuring paddock to plate videos and a fun interactive board game.

All teaching resources are curriculum linked and year-level appropriate from Foundation to Year 10. We've developed these resources to educate our next generation about where their red meat comes from and the positive and progressive practices of the Australian red meat and livestock industry. An industry we can all be incredibly proud of for providing the world with one of the best forms of sustainably produced natural protein.

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Smart farming

Virtual Classroom

Virtual classrooms are a free, interactive resource that allow students to engage with industry experts. Smart Farming sessions connect students with real cattle, sheep and goat farmers live on video stream on topics such as sustainability and technology.

The Be your greatest series focuses on nutrition with Chef Matt Sinclair and 2021 Olympians where range of pre-recorded virtual classrooms are also available for interaction with your class anytime. All sessions are curriculum-linked, engaging, educational with an opportunity to interact live with quizzes and Q&A.

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Digital Learning

Discover the paddock-to-plate story of Australian red meat production and learn about cattle and sheep farming today with a range of digital resources.

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Teaching resources

Teaching resources - Curriculum aligned resources including fun practical activities and games are available from Foundation to Year 10. Resources topics focusing on relevant content to the students of today including animal health, welfare, sustainability, technology, design, geography and nutrition.

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