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Hear why animal wellbeing is so important to Australian farmers

Australian farmers personally care for their animals and work tirelessly to ensure they are healthy and happy.

With humane treatment top of mind, farmers all around the country make sure their animals enjoy lives worth living. This is how they’re doing it….

We don’t want our cattle to hurt each other

Darren Hamblin explains why breeding hornless (polled) cattle keeps his animals people safe from harm.


Animal welfare is a critical aspect of what we do

Barb Madden talks about the importance of keeping every single animal calm and stress-free.


The animals come first and foremost

At Smithfield Cattle Company, every staff member understands that animal wellbeing is the top priority.


We’re treating animals individually

Charlie Blomfield makes sure the sheep on his property get all the care and help they need.


Feedlots protect our cattle in tough times

Chris and Sharyn Holmes explains how feedlots are good for the animals and environment – especially during a harsh Australian drought.


There’s a great reward

Mim and Jack Walker love caring for their cattle throughout their lives and giving them the best life possible.


Our life revolves around these animals

For Ryan Willing, farming is all about giving his family and their cattle a happy, healthy lifestyle.


We think about their social needs

Deb and Fergus O’Connor believe raising cattle is about more than just great food and lush pasture.


We do everything in our power to give them the best life

For Erica Ayers, caring for the animals is at the heart of everything she does.


The satisfaction is in the wellbeing of our animals

With her veterinary science background, Erica Ayers always tries to do her best for her cattle and sheep.


Intro background

Farmers care for the planet

Australian farmers are adopting a range of sustainability initiatives to reduce emissions and help the planet.

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