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Animal Wellbeing

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Animal welfare matters to you and it matters to us min read

‘Animal welfare matters to the people buying our product and it matters to us.’

For Australian beef processor and branded beef business, Greenham, strong partnerships with producers like Shane Harris of ‘Harris Farms’ are essential to meeting the animal welfare commitments set under their 'Never Ever Beef Program', and to meeting the expectations of the greater community.


Never Ever

Greenham's Never Ever Beef Program was established in 2012 to source, certify and promote premium quality natural grass-fed beef from producers across Southern Australia. With animal welfare concerns at the forefront of buying preferences, the Never Ever Beef Program has expanded to incorporate the Certified Humane accreditation.


Being part of a business that focuses on animal welfare is important to Jess Loughland, Livestock Supply Chain Manager for Greenham & Sons. As an animal lover, she would hate to think that there were any animals ever mistreated and not cared for.


'I always wanted to be a farmer because I love animals.'

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Shane Harris Harris Farm family farm
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