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Sustainable Farming

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Sustainable beef is a reality - farmer Christophe Bur, Zeebra Plains min read

Christophe and Sylvie Bur do two things. They produce food and they look after and improve the environment. Both are of equal importance.

Focused on restoring the land to it’s natural state, their journey began around 2017 when their children expressed concern about their impact on the environment.

Wanting to produce food their children would be proud to eat, the Burs decided to store it to store carbon in trees and soil whilst also reducing the emissions associated with the farm.

Today, they are storing carbon in the trees and sequestering carbon in the soils. They are carbon neutral.



Being sustainable is more than carbon neutrality

But more than that, they are producing beef that is sustainable. For Christophe, being sustainable means more than just being carbon neutral. It means produce beef in a way that can be sustained forever without taking any resources away from the planet and from nature.



Returning things to their natural state

The natural state the Burs are striving towards focuses on both nature (the environment) and the cattle.

For the cattle it means that they roam free. They eat grass and are a natural happy mob of cattle living like they would in the wild.

They are treated with respect.



It's good for the planet

Looking after the soil and pastures is good for soil carbon and good for the cattle. They are closely interlinked.

The other benefit is improving soil carbon is that its good for the planet.

Every human enterprise has to be respectful of nature.

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Christophe Bur Beef producer, Zeebra Plains