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Sustainable Farming

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Passionate about giving back to the environment min read


Happy, healthy cattle

The cattle at Stockyard Beef's Kerwee Feedlot are happy and healthy. For the Hart family who own and run Stockyard Beef, the wellbeing for their animals is paramount.

The Five Freedoms of animal welfare are just one of the ways in which the happiness of the cattle is really optimised with all of the Stockyard team focused on ensuring every part of every animal's existence at Kerwee provides the best possible experience.

They are trained to recognise the obvious signs of contentedness in the cattle. They are calm and  curious, and interacting with their mates and the pen riders that check on their wellbeing daily.

Caring for the animals is one non-negotiable for the Hart family, the other is caring for the environment.

Bec and Ali hart are the next generation moving into the business and they need to know that they have a business moving that is giving back to the environment in the future. It's something they're both very passionate about.

As consumers and people living on this planet, they know that they can have a really positive impact on the environment through carbon neutrality beef production - leaving a lighter footprint on the environment.


Factory farms

For anyone that feels as though feedlotters (like the Hart family of Stockyard Beef) are just running factory farms...Ali Hart would like to say...

"Please come and have a look at what we do here, because you will see that it is so much better better than the perception that you have."


There is so much passion for the animals and for the environment. And it is a passion shared by every member of the team.

Ali could not be more convinced that the animals are happy, calm and relaxed. That sort of relaxation comes from being in a really safe and protected environment.



Giving back to the environment

For third generation beef producers Ali and Bec Hart, the caring for the environment is very important. The want to ensure they leave a lighter carbon footprint for future generations.

"We want to do better than the generations before us and make sure that Stockyard Beef is a legacy business that will stand the test of time." says Bec

It doesn't sit well with the Hart sisters to have a business in the future that isn't giving back. It is something they are very passionate about...it's a non-negotiable moving forward.



Carbon neutral beef

Striving towards carbon neutrality beef is important to the Hart family of Stockyard Beef. They we want to be able to leave a lighter footprint for the environment that we're operating.

One of the ways they are looking at doing that is through the use of red asparagopsis, which is a seaweed that has been identified in Australia as a feed additive that can reduce methane generation. This would in turn mean that they (and the industry as a whole) can produce carbon neutral beef in the not so distant future.

We go above and beyond and making sure that every part of their existence here at Kerwee Feedlot is the best possible experience for our cattle.

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Ali Hart Cattle producer, Stockyard Beef