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Sustainable Farming

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Living in harmony with the land min read

"We took a step back and reviewed the way we did things. The soil and land were in a very sad state".

The realisation that extended runs of dry years could be the new normal forced Queensland beef cattle veterans, the Hughes family, to rethink their grazing management philosophy and to start prioritising the function and health of their soils.

The Hughes family realised the importance of living in harmony with the land and so began their journey of implementing regenerative farming practices.



Rangeland Quality Meats

The family own and operate a ’paddock to plate’ business through their grazing property, Banchory Grazing at Dulacca in south-western Queensland and wholesale beef operation Rangeland Quality Meats in Brisbane.

Not only did their move to regenerative agricultural practices enable them to create balance and harmony within their environment, it also allows them to share that experience and ethos right through to us…the consumers. Connecting us with the land.

They focused on managing their land holistically by:

  • Improving soil health
  • Retaining water within the landscape
  • Storing carbon through sequestration
  • Building biodiversity



Animal happiness in important

For Anna Hughes, health and nutrition are her highest values. Being able to grow and nuture highly nutritious food (be is fruit, vegies, milk, hand-churned butter or meat) that she has a tangible connection to, and with zero food miles gives her a real sense of fulfilment.



"The health, happiness and nutrition of the animals is incredibly important."

Regenerative farming has enabled the Hughes family to bring their land back to life, which is good for the animals, people, and the planet.



We stopped conflicting with the land, and everything became a lot more balanced.

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Hughes family, Dulacca Downs