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Sustainable Farming

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We work with nature and what she provides min read

For Simon Falkiner, manager of the Angus cattle at Murdeduke Winchelsea in Victoria, soil health is the key building block to agriculture.

"We need our soils to be healthy to grow more plants, which means we can feed our animals better. A well fed animal is a happy animal."



At Murdeduke, they have a philosophy of working with nature and what she provides us to boost biodiversity and optimal outcomes for the ecosystem.

"We've got huge opportunity to actually do something sequester carbon into the soil make a difference to Australia's global emissions story."




Consumers want a natural food source

Listening to their customers and the desire they have, that we all have, for a natural food source, led the team at Murdeduke Angus to the decision that they wanted to use less chemical, less artificial substances.



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We're all humans. We've all got the same drivers - to be healthy, fit and look after the environment.

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Simon Falkiner Murdeduke Angus