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Red meat and renewable energy

The Australian red meat industry is investing in research and development aimed at helping red meat producers adopt viable renewable energy technologies in their businesses.

By implementing technologies such as solar energy, biomass thermal energy and biogas energy, farmers like Andrew Shearer-Smith, will be able to further reduce its emissions, as well as lower the cost of production.

High-tech help for a renewable future

Other initiatives include engineering firm All Energy Pty Ltd teaming up with MLA Donor Company (MDC) to create myenergy.tech, a free digital tool that makes it easy for farms, feedlots and processors to understand the costs and benefits of renewable, energy-saving technologies.

Not only does this online energy cost saver help red meat producers save on operating costs, it also delivers improved energy security and reduced emissions, tying in perfectly with the red meat industry’s target to be carbon neutral by 2030 (CN30).