Meet the producers

Australian livestock farmers care about their livestock, also also care about the environment in which they raise their livestock.

The reality is their livelihoods depend on a thriving environment, healthy ecosystems and good animal health and welfare.

Meet the men, women and families who are proud to produce the highest quality red meat, as they share their stories about the bond they share with their animals and the land.

Robert and Melinee Leather, Grass-fed Beef Producers, 'Barfield Station' Banana, QLD

Robert and Melinee Leather manage a Family operation on two properties in Central Queensland.

The family business breeds and finishes cattle for the Organic, EU, MSA and Grasslands markets. Cattle are finished on natural grass-fed pastures with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

The family acknowledge they have a responsibility to care for the natural resources and animals under their management for a sustainable future.

Learn how this highly skilled family in beef production and grazing land management use the latest scientific research and best practise methods to produce “the greatest meat on earth”, Australian Beef

Stuart Tait, Beef producer from Mandurama, NSW

I'm passionate about agriculture and was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship in 2017 for study in the red meat industry. I grew up on my family's cattle property near Mandurama on the NSW Central Tablelands.

After travelling, working and completing a Bachelor of Business (Farm Management) at university, I returned to the family business, which I now manage with my parents.

I'm passionate about developing a profitable farming system and boosting productivity of farms on the Central Tablelands.

Careful management of our land and cattle to work with the climate results in the most efficient and sustainable food production.