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Sustainable Farming

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Cows and the climate solution – Mick Alexander, Queensland min read

'Farmers and their cattle are the solution to climate change.'

Mick Alexander is a passionate believer that farmers are the solution to climate change and cows are the tool to sequestering carbon back into the soil in a natural cycle. Running a beef cattle property in central Queensland along with his wife and sons, Mick is proud to produce a sustainable, healthy product that consumers can feel good about enjoying.



Healthy soils, healthy pastures and healthy animals

Mick’s priority is to ensure he has healthy soils, because healthy soils lead to healthy plants which in turn lead to healthy animals which become healthy food for us all to enjoy.



Farmers are the solution to climate change

In the past farmers and cows have been blamed for climate change but Mick sees farmers of the future as the solution to climate change.

Mick can see things working far better than they were a decade ago and his property is thriving.

Committed to continually improving soil, pasture and animal health, Mick is inspired by to protect the natural beauty of his property and to pass his on knowledge to the next generation.


'Our cows, grazing on our healthy pastures are sequestering carbon back into the soil and they are also breaking down methane.'

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Mick Alexander Beef producer - CQ Organics