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Animal Wellbeing

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Wellbeing and sustainability at Teys Condamine Feedlot min read

‘Every interaction cattle have with people needs to be a positive one.’

The team at Teys Condamine Feedlot genuinely care about their animals. They know that the key to producing top quality beef is happy and healthy animals. Teys cattle are free to express all ‘Five Freedoms’ of animal wellbeing, which means freedom:

  • from hunger and thirst
  • from discomfort
  • from pain, injury or disease
  • from fear and distress; and
  • freedom to express natural behaviour.


Feeding the world sustainably

Producing a nutrient rich food and being a part of the climate solution is critical to feeding the world sustainably. Teys are working towards the Red Meat Industry’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2030 and have been involved in research to reduce energy usage and the environmental footprint of Australian feedlots by monitoring and measuring water, gas, and electricity usage in real-time.


In addition to investing in renewables, Teys are also looking to adopt emerging technologies such as feed additives as well as working to decarbonising the supply chain.


'Our livestock team are veterinary trained, they come through every morning  to ensure the animals are healthy and happy'.

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Phil Lambert Teys Australia Condamine Feedlot General Manager