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Australian farmers are committed to planting trees

The Australian red meat industry is committed to responsibly managing vegetation for the dual benefits of food production and a healthy ecosystem. The industry’s vegetation and regrowth management is also tightly regulated by federal and state government legislation.

The Balance of Grass and Tree Cover Dashboard is an industry initiative that identifies trends in woody vegetation and ground cover. The dashboard, created by Cibo Labs, involves the integration of 30 years of satellite data to detect annual trends in woody vegetation and seasonal trends in ground cover.

Overall, Australia’s grazed agricultural lands are increasing in woody vegetation. In fact, the amount of tree cover in Australia has increased over the last 30 years. Total woody vegetation on grazing properties in Australia has increased from 23.77% in 1995 to 25.48% in 2021. Also, over the past decade the area of grazing land under forest in Australia increased by around 3 million hectares or around 2.5% of total forest area, despite significant impacts of fire and drought in that time.

In addition, farmers like Paul Crook are actively reforesting their lands, using indigenous plants to help increase biodiversity and also contribute to animal wellbeing by providing shade and shelter for their livestock.


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