Educational resources

Learn about the sustainability of red meat production

The Australian red meat and livestock industry has developed a range of Australian curriculum-aligned education materials for senior and primary school teachers which cover the sustainability of red meat production.

Years F–6 and Years 7–10

National curriculum study guides

National Curriculum study guides are designed for the study of sustainability in food production in order to respond to food security issues in Australia and around the globe.

Topics include animal health, water, biodiversity, science and sustainability, greener farming and food for the future.

Study guides are in landscape format to suit electronic whiteboards, computer screens and colour print.

Years 3–6 and Years 7–8

Lessons and activity sheets

Lessons and activity sheets contain a six-topic unit of work, cross-curricular lesson ideas and accompanying activity sheets written for students in middle years on the topic of cattle and sheep farming in Australia.

Content is available in PDF format and, where applicable, accompanied by SMART Notebook files. 

Years 3–6 and Years 7–8

Facts for students

‘Facts for students’ resources are made up of five key topic areas: caring for the environment, looking after the animals, technology on farms, feeding the future as well as quick reference fact sheets.

Students will learn about how farmers care for their animals and the environment, how they use technology and how they tackle the major challenges of feeding a growing population. 

Digital lessons

Digital lessons are fun and interactive.

Discover how red meat production has changed over time and how sustainable farming practices and modern science and technology in agriculture have adapted to tackle a growing population.

Virtual excursions

Virtual excursions are a free, interactive, curriculum-linked resource that allow students to engage with beef and lamb farmers live on video stream, see and hear what they do on their farms while taking part in educational activities, quizzes and even interacting with other schools.

Classes learn firsthand about sustainable farming practices, red meat nutrition and how their food is grown and produced.

They also learn about the importance of modern technologies and science in agriculture. 

Years F-6

Classroom posters

Classroom posters are a fun, colourful resource to show how cattle and sheep farmers work with scientists and the environment to feed the world.

Posters highlight key issues such as sustainability, water conservation, biodiversity and animal health.

Download farm science poster - low resolution

Download farm science poster - high resolution

Interactive board game

Students can test their knowledge of cattle and sheep farming with this fun, interactive board game. The board game is designed to play in small groups on a computer screen or smart device or as a class on an interactive SMARTboard.

The Paddock to Plate Story in Virtual Reality

The Australian Beef and Lamb Paddock to Plate experience shares the story of Australian red meat production in immersive 360-degree virtual reality.